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Marley's Hand....errmm Paw?

Before rescuing our mini pug tear-aways, Fudge and Rossi, MPT members Dean and Jillian were just a single-pug home to Marley, and he taught us all a thing or two about pug paws!

During the one of the hottest bank holiday weekends to date, Dean had decided today was the day to fix the freezer door hinge and he got his tools out, and stepped on to a chair for a closer look before opening it up. One little turn of the screw and off came the door, immediately, without warning!

Trying to catch it, made Dean fall off the chair, and unfortunately he didn't catch the door....Marley did!

Marley screeched!

Dean Screeched!

Jillian comes running down the stairs screeching, and everyone rushes off to the vets.

The outcome was a broken toe for Marley, and when we all saw the x-ray, we were amazed to see just how similar his paw was to a human foot!

Marley was wrapped up on the mend for six weeks before being given the all clear. He managed to pull the cast off quite a few times, and develop an ear infection in those few weeks, but he returned to full health and was back on his usual walks in July.

He's now back to his old self, and now playing the big brother role model to newly adopted siblings, Rossi & Fudge

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