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Our Rescues
There are lots of pugs and pug crosses out there that need a loving and caring home. Here you can meet some of our rescues.

Surrender a pug in need
We also actively take on additional pugs and pug crosses. If you or someone you know are looking to surrender a dog to us, please click the button to contact the team via a call or w
Annie Walker

Annie is such a sweetheart! She's settled in really well, showing her playful side and she sure loves belly rubs!

Elsie Tanner

Elsie was just a pup when she found her forever home. She needed some basic training but she's such a loving dog and full of fun!

Betty & Minnie
Betty & Minnie.jpg

"The puglatinnies make my heart swell!"

Betty & Minnie were our first rescue at just 17 weeks unfortunately due to their owners ill health.

Fudge & Rossi

Now living in their forever home with big brother Marley Pug and causing mayhem usually instigated by the "boss" Fudge!

Jack Duckworth

Jack has now found his forever home with his new siblings Louie and Pearl getting all the love and hugs he deserves.

Ivy Tilsley

Ivy is such a special pug who needed some extra care and attention, but she gave so much love back to her loving foster pawrent that she chose to adopt her and keep her forever!

Percy Sugden
Percy Sugden.jpg

Percy needed some dental treatment when he first came to us, and since then went on to spend a lovely Christmas with his new forever family and new brother and best friend, Trevor. 

Phyllis Pearce

After 18 puppies and 3 litters, it was time for Phyllis to take a much deserved break and find her loving forever home. She stole everyone's heart in the group!

Vera Duckworth

Vera quickly settled herself in her new forever home, and the fridge, and the kids bed....we can safely say shes a very happy little girl!

Our Recent Supporters

We have an amazing offer for all of our Manchester Pug Welfare friends! You can save a massive 75% off your first order 

AND Butternut Box will also donate £20 to our rescues!

The lovely experts at Gourley's take take of every single one of our rescues and many of our members' dogs too. We cannot rate them highly enough and are so thankful for the support they offer us all.

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